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Harbour Light

When times are hard and pain seems all around, I will try to stand amid the darkness to help to guide you home.

7 Michelle Diaz, Chaired Bard of Glastonbury

Lots of good poetry and conversation

05 Martin Porter

Martin interests lie between and within the genres of poetry and micro-prose. He has been active leading and participating in workshops and writing groups in Jersey and New Zealand. His writing has been printed in books and journals internationally, and online. He has been a prize winner and judge in several poetry and flash fiction competitions. He served as a member of the New Zealand National Flash Fiction Competition committee from 2016 – 2019.


STILL WALKINGFor John Always pacingalways measuring out the room, measuring the Penninesmeasuring your words.  Always gaunt,but jaunty, that spring in your step, that turf stride.Lean, and bent on whatever you were bent on, for it was always a three-quarter...

04 Linda Saunders

Linda Saunders is a highly praised, prizewinning poet. She has been widely published in magazines and
anthologies. She reads several of her wonderful poems.

A Dream

I have a dream the great man said
His words keep rolling round my head
I have one too, the world I see
Is one of peace with mankind free

The Yellow and the Blue

The wind is howling from the east,with cries of women, children, menWho live with fear instead of peace,As war surrounds them once again. The Russian Bear has left its cage,To prowl and murder in its rage,Because their leader’s lust for power,Has led us to the danger...

A Stranger’s Request

There may be times where Someone may ask you to write a poem for them, but before it is composed, they die leaving a double sense of loss.

The Well of Dreams

How quickly our lives pass with the joy of friends, partners, children and grandchildren all caught in the ripples of our minds.

03 Tick Rowley, Bard of Bath

Tick Rowley is an accomplished poet and currently Bard of Bath.

Welcome to Bardwindow. Enjoy the podcast.


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This is , unashamedly, a celebration of the sound of words and imagery through the medium of poetry, prose and podcasting.

Our hope is to offer a shop window to aspiring writers, pay homage to established work and explore how inspiration was realised and released.



Trevor Pearce

I have tried to submit a bio previously with little success, so I will try another route. Trevor Pearce was born, raised and lives in Yeovil, Somerset. Not a natural scholar, he followed a route into manufacturing and spent his career in the business mainly on CNC...

Sea, The Eternal

We are not even a moment of a single blink in time. The ‘eternal’ oceans will outlast us all.

The Photo Album

The sadness of loss from dementia. The acceptance of that loss and making the best of the shortening time between us.

Trevor Pearce

Awaiting profile.

Graham Ryan

Born in St Annes on Sea, Lancs, a 'sand-grown-un' near the big tides and beaches of the Ribble Estuary. Over the past forty years a poet, playwright, drama teacher, ecologist. Now living on the edge of Exmoor and a member of Fire River Poets in Taunton. A prize-winner...

Tick Rowley

Tick Rowley is a poet, storyteller, script writer, voice over artist and the 22nd Bard of Bath. She has a first class degree in Creative Writing; has been publish in several Poetry 365 Anthologies, Dark Poets Club magazine, as well as the Coffee Table Coven. She has...

David Grimm

David Alfred Grimm is an experienced care social work student, a poet & a graphic facilitator. Creativity & expression of self are demonstrated in his works and talents.  During Covid-19 David decided to pull his talents together & publish his first book...

Ama Bolton

Ama Bolton is a poet and bookbinder living in Somerset. All her life she made up songs and verses. For years she read and listened to poetry and wrote almost in isolation. She knew Adrian Henri but never dared show him her writing. When she moved to Wells from...

David Niven

Awaiting profile.

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