It is no myth

it is no legend

it exists within me

and I am telling you, dear one,

so it, this gift is guiding.

In this world

where we plant our feet

we walk amongst the tales

of the beings we used to be.

Take a breath with me: in — and — out

there it is

can you feel it


just — in — between.

You will tread into battle

with beasts who have no face

inflicting terror upon this place

making it seem foul; the people seem foolish.

Take that breath, and use it well

form the words that make a spell

your integrity forms a weapon wielded

stripped from your very spine

now nestled in the palms of your earthly hands.

Take down the faceless demons

with this blade

harvested from deep within your bones

formed with gentleness and sharpened with love.

Strip them down, those haunted by endless night

exposing them to the loving light.

This thing you carry

it is a gift, you have the Sight.