I stand at the harbour mouth,

stand with a light in my hand.

I hold it high, so if you look

you will see.


You held it high

when times were hard,

but now, I hold it high for you.

Look from your window, I am here.


When the north wind blows,

or the east wind chills your bones,

if west or southerlies tear your sails.

I will feel it and hold my light up high.


Search from your wheelhouse

tween trough and peak

you will see my light

higher than the tallest wave.


In fog and deepest obfuscation

I will call your name, long and loud,

call you to my harbour,

guide you safe towards that clarity.


You held the light aloft for me

I hold it now for you.

If you search for me, or call for me,

I am here, waiting at your harbour.







10 January 2021. 01:23 a.m. – 01:34 a.m
Dry, foggy, cold. 13% moon waning.
Covid Poem 21.
In the darkness there is a light for you here.
©TMPearce 2021