how to show me you love me

show me fields of dandelions / tell me every detail of their beauty / press your wishes to the wind which carries them / prove you believe / there is more to magic than meets the eye

play me those sad songs / you know the ones / hiding in playlists / marked ‘him-her’ / show me how you have been broken / and survived

see past my scars / prove to me / they change nothing / even when they change everything

sit across from me / while we eat your favourite meal / and talk / I don’t mean about nothing / tell me something no one knows / let my existence / mean something to you

don’t look at me that way / with pitying eyes / see me as feeble / or weak / when you don’t know the strength I have harnessed / to get me this far

show up / everyday / even when I am too much or not enough / whether I tell you I need you / and even when I can’t