Sea, The Eternal


You look upon me

as countless millions before.

From high, low

night and day

Countless years, centuries, millennia.

They gazed, as you gaze.


Curious at this two-sided conundrum.

Source of life, and death.

So much death.

So much death to fill an ocean.

Day and night

I feed and kill you.


Above me, the sky.

All colours, black to white,

and every colour in between.

I will fill your skin, bleach you bones.

Burn you as you skim my surface.

Turn your body to ice for a millennia.


Your lifetime is nothing to me,

not even a trillionth of a blink of eye.

I would not even notice you.

You harm me, corrupt me, poison me,

yet I will outlive you a million-fold.

You will die, yet I will recover.


You gaze at me, I wave at you

yet you do not know me.

Only scratch the surface.

An eternal mirror always looking away,

your reflection shifts and moves.

I move, but unlike you, I will remain.


28 March 2021. 5:07 p.m. 5:31 p.m.
Overcast, windy, dry. 100% Full moon..
Yeovil Literary Festival.
©TMPearce 2021