The Well of Dreams


Dip lightly

in to the well of dreams

past starlit nights, golden days.

I see you and I smile.

See our children laughing,

grown up now,

yet in the well of dreams

they laugh and smile

chasing around the garden,

beach, fun park, woods, laughing wildly,

to fall asleep on the journey home

after a busy day

asleep in their child seats.

You and me

peering past the steering wheel,

the cinema of our lives

past the windscreen in technicolour,

sun, rain, wind, fog,

starlit-nights, golden-days.

I see you and I smile.

Snapshots through the windscreen,

pin them on the board,

hold them in my mind,

dip lightly into the well,

my life, your life, our life.

Lean in to the well of dreams

as I catch your reflection

while the surface slowly resolves.

I see your smile,

and find myself smiling in return.


15th June  2016  1:40 pm – 1:55 pm.

Hot, sunny.Half moon waning.

By the pool at Tossa De Mar

 in the Golden Bahia hotel.

©TMPearce 2016