The wind is howling from the east,

with cries of women, children, men

Who live with fear instead of peace,

As war surrounds them once again.


The Russian Bear has left its cage,

To prowl and murder in its rage,

Because their leader’s lust for power,

Has led us to the danger hour


While western leaders huff and puff

Tell Putin that he’s done enough

Their words and actions he ignores

For Russian Roubles, opened doors


Those living under Blue and Yellow,

Lived lives of peace and culture, mellow,

Now driven from their native land,

Have turned and made a loyal stand


To save their country is their creed

To turn aside the Russian greed

But many murdered where they stand

Will never leave their native land


The Russian Bear must be repelled

Its grab for power will be curtailed

Then man can live beside his fellow

And celebrate the blue and yellow