I have tried to submit a bio previously with little success, so I will try another route.


Trevor Pearce was born, raised and lives in Yeovil, Somerset. Not a natural scholar, he followed a route into manufacturing and spent his career in the business mainly on CNC machining centres and in the Methods department of a local aerospace supply company.

Poetry at school was limited and lacked inspiration, but inspiration and encouragement came in the form of a tutor at Yeovil College whilst on day-release during his apprenticeship. He started writing love poems to his first love during his night shifts amid the clamour of a noisy production machine shop. Over the years he developed his style in secret, writing on the back of old production drawings and relating them later to a growing group of red exercise books.

Public speaking started early with reading at church in childhood with tutoring from his mother while she arranged flowers for the following day’s services.  This helped as he became a motorcycle riding instructor with the RAC-ACU training scheme, then later spent fourteen years as a race commentator at a local kart racing circuit developing his public speaking further as well as beginning to read some of his poems in concerts given by his local church singing group ‘Hymneo’ for a few years. 

At the beginning of his retirement he underwent open heart surgery, then later tonsil cancer, writing poems of his experiences as part of his catharsis which also became part of his biography of his experiences.  No longer on shift work, his evenings were free so he was able to join the East Coker Poetry Group which he enjoys and has found great fellowship in the company of other writers, all of which have helped to further his style of poetry of personal observations, worldly observations, the natural world, and family life.  His love of photography has begun to blend with his poems and tries to accompany poems with images taken by himself in his growing collection of Red Files of poetry.

The Bardwindow is his first public step in sharing his private passion of writing.